Trek Artifacts 1967 Leaf Trading Card Set


PUBLISHED: Dec 10, 2006
AUTHOR: Greg Jones

We continue our look at the Leaf Trading Card set with cards 55 to 63. For the original article containing information on the card set and images of the packaging, click here.

I believe this is from "The Man Trap" since I can't think of another first season episode where McCoy holds a phaser. A non-episode synopsis.
A shot from "Shore Leave" with another caption no doubt made up by someone with no knowledge of the episode. A non-episode synopsis.
A shot from "Where No Man Has Gone Before" with a mis-matched caption. Plot synopsis of "The Corbomite Maneuver" which doesn't match the front photo.
A rare case of the front photo, caption, and back text all being from the same episode (and a real episode at that).
This looks like a publicity still shot between takes on the set, but I don't know which episode's set it is. Notice McCoy has a black medical bag in his hands. You have love the caption. Headache-inducing non-episode synopsis.
Another rare example of the front photo, caption, and back text, all from the same (real) episode, in this case "Shore Leave".
A shot of Yoeman Rand from "The Enemy Within", with a somewhat ill-fitting caption. A non-episode synopsis with similarities to the plots of "The Man Trap" and "The Enemy Within".
Another personal favorite. A shot from "Shore Leave", probably, and a hilarious caption.. One of the funniest non-episode synopsis in the set.
This appears to be a publicity still from the set of either "The Cage" or "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (my guess is the later) with a non-applicable caption. A non-episode synopsis.

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