Trek Artifacts : Marvel Comics


PUBLISHED: May 6, 2007
AUTHOR: Greg Jones

This week, we conclude our look at the first Marvel Comics series.  To see our original article on the Marvel comics, please click here.

The TMP-era Trek also saw life as a newspaper strip syndicated by the LA Times. Scans courtesy of Mark Martinez and his great site--The Star Trek Comics Checklist.

For publication on December 2, 1979

For publication during the week of Dec 3-8, 1979

For publication during the week of Dec 6-8 1979

For publication on Dec 9, 1979

For publication on Dec 16, 1979.

Original art for the splash page of issue #8 by Dave Cockrum and Ricardo Villamonte

Pocket Paperback Vol. 1 - Front Cover - Although scarce now, "Pocket paperback" collections of Marvel comics were common back in the late 1970's and early 1980's. This first volume reprints the adaptation of ST:TMP from Marvel Comics Super Special #15 with the same cover.

Pocket Paperback Vol. 1 Back Cover - The back cover feature's a nice shot from TMP and the usual text copy.

Pocket Paperback Vol. 2 - Front Cover -
The second volume reprints stories from various issues (#4+up) of the regular series with a new painted cover by Bob Larkin.

Pocket Paperback Vol. 2 - Back Cover - The back cover illustrations are either details from actual comic panels or new illos representing inside stories.

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