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Author: Greg Jones
Date: May 18, 2007

This week we look at the All About Star Trek Fan Club magazines as an extension of our previous article on the Official Fan Club Magazines, which you can read here.

All About Star Trek Fan Clubs #1, circa 1976-77; The title says it all: a fan magazine about fans, for fans. Did someone say geekfest?

AASTFC #4, 8/77: The only issue of this magazine I've ever actually seen spotlights Leonard Nimoy fan clubs. The interior article scans are all from this issue.

Nimoy discusses the script between takes on the set of TOS.

Some of you might recognize Louise Stange, a prominent figure in early ST fandom.

Having some fun on the set.

Candice Bergen interviews Nimoy back when she was a TV correspondent.
And you thought dressing up as a Klingon was something new? Guess again.
Some nice shots of the cast back in the 1970s when casual mingling with con organizers and fans was the norm.

Fan art for the covers of "The Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans" yearbook covers.

"Six degrees of Trek", a longstanding fan hobby of indentifying various Trek actors appearing in other films and TV shows. If you're curious, check out "Boston Legal" or the original "Mission: Impossible".

AASTFC #4 back cover: Nice autographed photo of Leonard Nimoy from the mid-seventies.

Mag Adv.-1978: "House ad" for back issues and subscriptions.

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