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What can be said about Gene Roddenberry that has not already been said by the best and the brightest? By those who truly knew him, those who worked with him, and those who loved him? I honestly don't think there is anything new left to be said, only to reiterate all the great words that have already been spoken about Gene; all the greatness already attributed to him.

Gene changed our world for the better. He gave us something we could all unite around, cherish, and believe in, even in the darkest times. Something we could both learn from and relate to. Something we could aspire towards, and hope for. To paraphrase the words of those who would follow in his footsteps; he did not do so because he was trying to be a great man, he did so because he was a man who knew history would make it's own judgments.

Today, August 19, 2006, would have been the 85th birthday of Eugene Wesley Roddenberry. Though he may be gone from this earth in human terms, that which was Gene Roddenberry - his spirit, his legend - lives on in each and every one of us who embraces his vision. Which is why we at wish to honor Gene; his memory, his life, and the gifts he shared with all of us.

Thank you, Gene, for everything.

Please enjoy our video and wallpapers commemorating Gene's 85th birthday.
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