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Welcome to the first edition of the NEW Star Trek: Rare Photos specials. Over the past year, these specials have been series-specific - primarily focused on the Original Series and their feature films. Yet as with Star Trek as a whole, we must expand and embrace all that we are. We have the opportunity, together, to look back across time - whether it be one, five, twenty or forty years past - as we likewise protect our unique sub-cultural heritage. Star Trek, after all, has made history time and again - and will go on doing so for generations to come. As such, we must work to defend and preserve that history through whatever means we can. By bringing physical materials that have been forgotten back to life within the digital world, we can save elements of our past that even we may have forgotten existed. Through these rare photo specials here at TrekCore, it is my hope that we can preserve Star Trek's history for the next generation - no pun intended - and beyond.

It should be noted that as we look back at the rare, the unique, and sometimes candid, the high resolution digital clarity which we have all become accustomed to in this modern world is dubious. Beggars can not, after all, be choosers. While some images may be crystal clear, others may be distorted in some manner; some may be large in resolution while others comparatively small. Though if and when larger or clearer versions of any of these images are found or become available, we will bring you those enhanced versions. For now, we must enjoy what we can, as we can, in order to perpetuate it. As always, these images are free to be saved and used by any and all - though if you intend to re-publish them on another website, we do ask that you include a link back to us. If you have anything you believe to be rare and wish to donate it to TrekCore so that the entire community may enjoy it, we encourage you to do so. You may contact me directly at my (spam filled) e-mail frontier[at]trekcore[dot]com - simply replace the [at] and [dot] with their appropriate symbols.


The complete uncropped first season Next Generation cast portrait. Not only is this photo of superb quality, but typically is only seen in it's cropped waist-high release. Note the cables near Brent Spiner's knee.

Long-time friends from before Star Trek; Kate Mulgrew as Captain Kathryn Janeway and John de Lancie as the omnipotent Q pose together for this publicity photo for TVGuide magazine.

Actor Robert Lansing as Supervisor 194, better known as Gary Seven, in a unique publicity photo with his 'cat' Isis from episode 'Assignment: Earth' of the Original Series.

The first and only concrete evidence of a deleted scene from First Contact to my knowledge! My guess is that between Picard suggesting "something in satin" for Lily and asking the bartender to see "Nicky the Nose" a drunken bar-fly lingering past-closing asks Lily for a dance.

A candid smiling Jeffrey Hunter in Captain Christopher Pike's cabin aboard the NCC-1701 during filming of the first pilot 'The Cage' circa 1964.

Leonard Nimoy as Science Officer Spock and William Shatner as Captain Kirk laughing between takes on the set of "The Empath" from Star Trek's third season.

Bashir family portrait; father Richard, mother Amsha, and son Julian Subatoi Bashir M.D. from Deep Space 9's fifth season episode "Doctor Bashir, I Presume?" in which Julian's genetic background is revealed.

A light-hearted publicity photo of Robert Beltran as Voyager's First Officer, Commander Chakotay, ready to take on the Delta Quadrant.

Another time, another place, perhaps Trip and T'Pol might have rode off into the sunset. Here we see Connor Trineer and Jolene Blalock filming the third season episode "North Star" and sharing a laugh.

Wrath has it's price; Ricardo Montalban as a mortally wounded Khan getting his burn make-up touched up between takes on the set of the epic Star Trek II.

DeForest Kelley as Doctor Leonard H. McCoy and Leonard Nimoy as Science Officer Spock filming a scene for the gladiator-esque "Bread and Circuses" from the Original Series.

Setting up the finale shot of the assembled crew of the Enterprise-E from Star Trek Insurrection. A stand in fills in for director Jonathan Frakes.

The House of Worf; the patriarch Starfleet Lieutenant, his par'Machai Ambassador K'Ehleyr, and the son of Worf, Alexander.

Of all the series and films, the rarest set of publicity photos is from 'Generations' - here we see one of the elusive cast portraits, this of Gates McFadden as Doctor Beverly Crusher.

Robert Beltran (Commander Chakotay) discusses a line with co-star turned director, Robert Duncan McNeill on the set of the third season episode 'Unity'.

Actors Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes take the stage alongside the Great Bird of the Galaxy himself, Gene Roddenberry at a Star Trek Convention.

The cast of Star Trek: Generations in full holodeck costume as 18th century naval officers for the promotion ceremony of Worf to Lieutenant Commander.

Did we all miss a crossover episode between Voyager and Enterprise? No, that's just director Robbie McNiell wearing his space suit to work!

A candid shot of actress Jeri Ryan on the backlot of Paramount Studios in full Seven of Nine attire, save the footwear - which appear to be a pair of slippers.

No doubt there where many occasions over the seven years of Deep Space 9 that Rene Auberjonis wished he could simply shape-shift into Odo rather than sit through make-up.

Why in Sto'vo'Kor is Worf Yacht Shopping? In truth it's just actor Michael Dorn in full Worf make-up posing for a photo from a 1990's issue of Entertainment Weekly which featured The Next Generation as it's cover story.

Who would have thought that Spock would drive a 1964 Buick Riviera? Certainly not me. Somehow, I always thought of him as a Pinto kind of guy. But hey, you can't argue with a Vulcan - just ask McCoy.

The Command Trio of the Starship Voyager; Kate Mulgrew as Captain Kathyrn Janeway, Robert Beltran as First Officer Chakotay, and Tim Russ as Vulcan Lieutenant Command Tuvok.

Actress Julie Newmar of the camp-classic 1960's Batman fame as Eleen, mother to Leonard James Akaar, Teer of Capella IV from "Friday's Child".

Actor Walter Koenig pays a visit to once and future cast mate Mark Lenard on the set of The Next Generation episode "Sarek" - the first episode to cross the generation line.

Behind the scenes of the season seven Deep Space 9 episode "The Siege of AR-588" with actors Michael Dorn as Worf and Bill Mumy of Lost In Space fame as Engineer Kellin.

Two Captain's of two Enterprise's - William Shatner and Patrick Stewart - unite across space and time on the set of the seventh feature film.

A fun artistic photo of actor Michael Dorn and actress Terry Farrell apparently 'caught in the act' by a photographer's flash-bulb.

Just for a change of pace, Jonathan Frakes orders Patrick Stewart around as he directs the season seven episode "Attached".

Publicity still of William Shatner Captain Kirk and Kim Darby as Miri from the episode of the same name.

Patrick Stewart on the set of The Next Generation waits to film a scene within the Enterprise-D Observation Lounge.

From left to right, Robert Beltran as Chakotay, Garrett Wang as Harry Kim and Robbie McNeill as Tom Paris behind the scenes (and McNeill's trailer) on the Paramount lot.

Avery Brooks as Commander Benjamin Sisko during the earlier years of Deep Space 9 posing with his former mentor, subordinate, and good friend Jadzia Dax played by Terry Farrell.

An odd coupling for a photo if I do say so; B'Elanna and Tom sure make sense together, but what in the hell is Neelix doing there too?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Other times it's a prop for an attempt by Data at comedy under the tuteledge of a holographic comedian and Guinan from "The Outrageous Okona".

Arlene Martel as Spock's betrothed T'Pring from the classic Original Series episode "Amok Time".

Thanks to Frontier for finding these!

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