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In honor of Star Trek's 40th Anniversary, we celebrate The Next Generation on it's 19th anniversary, and are pleased to present a look back at the first season of the ground-breaking series which returned Star Trek to television. This series of rare photographs are amongst a number of specials that we present as a gift to the trekkie community. Dealing with the first year of the of the Next Generation, these images offer a candid look back. In the weeks and months that follow, we will be releasing a wide assortment of rarely seen photos from the Original Series, the Motion Pictures and The Next Generation, along with other material, to celebrate Star Trek as a whole. What began August 19th with our 85th Birthday Tribute to Gene Roddenberry continues now, and on through the new year.

We hope you enjoy all of the specials celebrating Star Trek's 40th birthday as much as we have enjoyed putting them together! And if you haven't already, take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 of the Original Series photos.


Between takes, actor Levar Burton talks with the camera crew (center) while Brent Spiner and Gates McFadden make small talk (right).

In the make-up trailer, Michael Dorn waits for Worf's moustache to be applied, while Marina Sirtis plants a kiss on Wil Wheaton's cheek and Levar Burton looks on.

Levar Burton poses for a photo with Gene Roddenberry's assistant, Susan Sackett, who has a cameo appearance.

Levar Burton (bottom left corner), Marina Sirtis, and Gates McFadden converse on-stage, while Brent Spiner converses off-stage.

The cast and crew of The Next Generation - from left to right; Levar Burton, Gates McFadden, Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn, Denise Crosby, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis.

The first season cast of 'The Next Generation'.

The creative team of Star Trek: The Next Generation - from left to right; David Livingston, Rick Berman, Gene Roddenberry, Michael Piller, Peter Lauritson, Rob Legato, Dan Curry. Not seen is Ron Moore, who took this photo.

Denise Crosby leans against her console for support, a fresh script page in hand.

Denise Crosby, Jonathan Frakes, and Marina Sirtis look over early Next Generation comics.

Leader of both the crew of the Enterprise and the cast of Next Gen, Patrick Stewart offers support to Denise Crosby.
Denise Crosby and Wil Wheaton hover over early Next Generation comics on the Paramount lot.
Brent Spiner as Lieutenant Commander Data on the Bridge of the Enterprise.

Michael Dorn and Denise Crosby as Lieutenant's Worf and Yar.
Alternate publicity shots of the women of Next Gen.
The women of Next Gen, candid in costume.

Marina Sirtis, Denise Crosby, and Gates McFadden talk between takes.
Another set of alternate publicity shots of the women of Next Gen.
Getting Closer...

The final product of all those photos.
Series regulars Jonathan Frakes, Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, and Marina Sirtis as well some extras, chat between scenes.

With a mischevious look, Jonathan Frakes and Gates McFadden look on, no doubt at an on-set prank about to come to fruition.

Laughing out loud - literally! McFadden, Frakes and Sirtis crack up.

A young Michael Okuda.

An early, aborted Publicity Shot of Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard, phaser at the ready.

Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-luc Picard.

Captain Picard in Command - from the collection of our own Mrs. Picard.

Close-up of Stewart as Picard - from the collection of our own Mrs. Picard.

Q stands ready to judge Picard and Crew for the crimes of humanity.

John De Lancie as Q.

Jonathan Frakes as Commander William Riker.

Frakes shows off the devil-may-care grin that would become one of his trademarks.

The senior-most officers of the Enterprise-D; First Officer Riker, Chief Medical Officer Crusher, and Captain Jean-luc Picard.

Frakes, Crosby and Sirtis in costume on the set of 'Justice'.

Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi on the set of the Next Generation.

Marina Sirtis shows us the comics in question from previous photos.

In the make-up trailer, Sirtis and Crosby touch themselves up while Jonathan Frakes gets the star treatment. Don't ask me why there is a WB logo on the mirror at Paramount...

Jonathan Frakes looks on as the actor portraying the evil alien Armus is prepared.

Patrick Stewart looking contemplative as Marina Sirtis (out of focus) chats with someone off-camera.

Marina Sirtis feeling-up Patrick Stewarts head whiles Gates enjoys the Center Chair.

Stewart rests on Riker's console with Marina, Gates, and Denise looking on.

Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Frakes, Levar Burton, and Marina Sirtis looking over those damn comics again.

Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher from 'Coming of Age'

Lieutenant Worf from 'Heart of Glory'

An early publicity shot of Michael Dorn as Mister Worf.

Denise Crosby as Lieutenant Tasha Yar.
Denise Crosby as Lieutenant Tasha Yar.

Thanks to Frontier for finding these!

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