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Over the past few months, as we've celebrated Star Trek's 40th Anniversary, we've brought you a number of specials dedicated to the Original Series as well as The Next Generation. With all of these, we have covered the spectrum of both film and television for those series, and will continue to do so as we switch over to our celebration of The Next Generation's 20th Anniversary in 2007. In this instance however, we're breaking with the norm to bring you a Special Edition of our Rare Photo Tributes.

Dedicated solely to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, the sixth and final film to focus upon the Original Series cast of characters, this special edition highlights a key moment in greater Star Trek history. Star Trek VI stands out in many ways due to it's timing in both the franchises history and reality. Of a time when old and new stood alone, a time of change in our world, and of departure from what had been. On this, the films 15th Anniversary, we honor and celebrate the undiscovered country of both fantasy and reality...


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer returns to helm the final voyage of the original crew.

The Cast of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols.

The Top Dogs On Set; Director Nicholas Meyer, Executive Producer Leonard Nimoy, and Star William Shatner, on the Bridge of the Enterprise-A.

A True Gentleman; DeForest Kelley in one of his final publicity shots as Doctor Leonard H. 'Bones' McCoy, Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise.

Rank Hath It's Privledges; George Takei's Hikaru Sulu finally gets what had been promised to him since Star Trek II, promotion to Captain of the U.S.S. Excelsior.

Newcomer Kim Cattrall as Vulcan Lieutenant Valeris, whose role was originally written for the character of Saavik, who was last seen in Star Trek IV.

Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, De Kelley as McCoy, and Walter Koeing as Checkov on the Khitomer conference hall set.

One of the new aliens created for the film, this Rura Penthe alien thrashed Captain Kirk before giving a new definition to being 'kneed in the groin'.

Bill Shatner poses as Captain Kirk in the Starfleet Headquarters conference room.

Actor David Warner enjoys working in 'Zero-G' for his role as Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI.

Director Nicholas Meyer and actor DeForest Kelley share a smoke while filming on the set of the Rura Penthe penal asteroid.

Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Christopher Plummer brings Shakespear to the Klingons as one-eyed Klingon General Chang.

A Rare Publicity Photo; Kirk and McCoy huddle together for warmth on the barren Rura Penthe. Note the visor worn by De Kelley; something I don't recall seeing except, perhaps, for a split-second in the film.

One of the two space-suit clad assasins stands aboard the Imperial Flagship Kronos One, where he and his compatriot would carry out their vile crime and push the galaxy to the edge of war.

Captain Spock with his second Vulcan protégé, Lieutenant Valeris, who in the end would betray Spock and the Federation.

The Vulcans of the Film; Mark Lenard as Ambassador Sarek, father of Leonard Nimoy's Captain Spock, and Kim Cattrall as Lieutenant Valeris.

Another of the aliens created for Star Trek VI, this was one of the many forms taken by Martia, the shape-shifting Chameloid as she aided Kirk and McCoy's escape into the barren winter wasteland.

Producer Leonard Nimoy, still in his Spock make-up, takes the center chair of the Excelsior and smiles for the camera (as best a Vulcan can) with Commander Janice Rand played by Grace Lee Whitney.

Publicity still of Actress
Nichelle Nichols as Enterprise Communications Officer, Commander Nyota Uhura.

One of the rejected posters for Star Trek VI designed by artist Bob Peak, who did the art for all six original Trek films.
[Restored by Frontier]

A variant of actor De Kelley's final publicity shot as Doctor McCoy, Ship's Surgeon of the 1701-A.

Series and Film Lead William Shatner and Director Nicholas Meyer converse on set in Captain Kirk's cabin aboard the 1701-A.

Actor Walter Koenig poses for a personal snapshot with his wife, Judy, who had a walk-on role in the film as a member of Starfleet Command.

The Crew of the Enterprise stand ready for one last mission; to meet and great a group of Klingons, one of their constant enemies for a quarter century.

In costume, William Shatner rehearses the fight scene between himself and the Rura Penthe alien with director Nicholas Meyer.

Mark Lenard once again reprises his role as Ambassador Sarek, Spock's father, in Star Trek VI.

Pointing out what he wants, Nicholas Meyer directs the cast and crew of The Undiscovered Country.

William Shatner poses as Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A, one last time.

Leonard Nimoy, who stepped into the role of Executive Producer for this final voyage, conversing with director Nicholas Meyer.

Actress/Model Iman and director Meyer also share a smoke on the Rura Penthe set.

Publicity still of Actress/Model Iman in the part of the shape-shifting Chameloid, Martia from Star Trek VI.

Another of the rejected posters for Star Trek VI designed by artist Bob Peak, who did the art for all six original Trek films.
[Restored by Frontier]

Nic Meyer and Bill Shatner go over the details of the day ahead on set at the Khitomer conference hall.

McCoy actor De Kelley shivers in the harsh extreme colds on the snowy set of Rura Penthe in... Southern California.

Fulfilling a bet, director Meyer stuffs a wad of twenty dollar bills into the uniform of William Shatner's James T.Kirk.

Taking it easy between scenes, actress Rosana DeSoto in costume as Azetbur chats with director Nicholas Meyer.

Actress Kim Cattrall, phaser at the ready, as the conspirator Lieutenant Valeris.

Actor David Warner in costume as Chancellor Gorkon aboard the Kronos One with director Nicholas Meyer.

Publicity still of master and pupil; Leonard Nimoy as Captain Spock and Kim Cattrall as Lieutenant Valeris.

Christopher Plummer stands back as Nic Meyer directs the trial of Kirk & McCoy.

Once again, Meyer directing, as he lays out the plan for the chaotic Khitomer conference hall scene at the climax of the film.

Whew... after a hard day at the helm, director Meyer sacks out aboard one of the Enterprise bunks.

In costume, actor Christopher Plummer as General Chang and actress Rosana DeSoto as Chancellor Azetbur.

Another publicity photo of actress Kim Cattrall as Lieutenant Valeris from Star Trek VI.

Thanks to Frontier for finding these!

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