TrekCore Staff: Meet the Team

TrekCore is possible thanks to a wonderful group of talented people who donate their time to this ever-growing Star Trek megasite. Want to join the team? Get in touch with us!

Adam Walker Mike Broadhead Bob Stutzman
Adam is the co-editor of TrekCore. He's normally busy reporting on the TNG Blu-rays, setting up the next special interview, reviewing the latest Star Trek merchandise or putting together the next big site feature! Mike is the co-editor of TrekCore. His graphics wizadry permeates the whole site and while he still tries to create new content, he's more often found tinkering behind-the-scenes to ensure the site stays online! Bob is our longterm Star Trek Gaming guru and still drops by to put the polish on TrekCore's extensive gaming section when needed.
Dan Gunther Kyle C. Haight  
Dan is our resident Trek literature expert. His love of reading combined with a passion for Star Trek lead to an engaging review style we hope you enjoy. Kyle originally joined the site back in 2003 contributing DVD screencaps. He still contributes where possible and has a number of articles in the pipeline.  

While our current core staff may be small, TrekCore has benefited from the help of countless individuals over the years. You can check out a more complete list here.