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15 Billion Years ago 
The formation of the universe known as the Big Bang. Quinn tries to hide the USS Voyager from Q in this time period.
EPISODE: "Death Wish"
8 Billion Years ago
The Guardian of Forever is created
EPISODE: "The City on the Edge of Forever"
4 Billion Years ago
A humanoid race seeds DNA across the Alpha Quadrant on various planets including Qu'onos, Earth, Vulcan and Cardassia.
EPISODE: "The Chase"
3.5 Billion Years ago
 Q takes Picard to visit Earth during this time, when the chemical building blocks of life are first forming in the primordial ooze.
EPISODE: "All Good Things"
2 Billion Years ago 
The Tagus civilization flourishes. The Tagus were a subject of particular interest to Captain Picard.
1 Billion Years ago
The galaxy-wide Slaver Empire is destroyed when one race revolts against the Slavers. Most intelligent life of this time is destroyed, and the only remnants of the Slaver Empire are stasis boxes and their contents. 
EPISODE: "The Slaver Weapon" 
Information: One billion years before the episode.
300 Million Years ago
A vessel crewed by insectoid beings is invaded by a magnetic organism. Trapped in orbit of Questar M17, the crew disable their own ship to prevent the spread of the entity.
EPISODE: "Beyond the Farthest Star"
Information: 300 million years before
100 Million Years ago
A civilization in the D'Arsay system builds an automated craft designed to preserve their culture.
EPISODE: "Masks"
Millions of Years Ago
The Organians transform into beings composed of pure energy.
EPISODE: "Errand of Mercy"
1 Million Years ago
When the ruins surrounding the Guardian of Forever were built.
EPISODE: "City on the Edge of Forever"
600,000 Years ago
The great T'Kon Empire goes extinct when their sun goes nova.
EPISODE: "The Last Outpost"
600,000 Years ago
During this time period, Sargon's people explore the galaxy and establish colonies.
EPISODE: "Return to Tomorrow"
600,000 Years ago Civilization flourishes on Bajor.

EPISODE: "Ensign Ro"

600,000 Years ago Around this time, the star Exo begins to fade, and the Old Ones begin to move underground on Exo III.
EPISODE: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
500,000 Years ago 
A great cataclysm happens on Sargon's planet, tearing the atmosphere away from the world. The survivors' are placed in round canisters to preserve them, and are put beneath the surface of the planet.
EPISODE: "Return to Tomorrow"
30,000 Years ago 
The era when Neanderthal Man and Homo Sapiens Sapiens co-existed in Eurasia on Earth.
EPISODE: "Dear Doctor"
c. 7625 BC
The Dominion is founded, in the Gamma Quadrant.
EPISODE: "Dogs of War"
Information: 10,000 years before the episode.
4641 BC
The Shore Leave planet is established by an unknown alien race. (7009 years before
EPISODE: "Once Upon a Planet"
3834 BC
A man named Akharin, an immortal, is born in a region of Earth later known as Mesopotamia. Akharin will lead hundreds of lives and be known as such men as Methuselah, Merlin, Abramson, Leonardo DaVinci, Johannes Brahms, Mr. Brack, and finally Flint. He will survive into the 23rd century.
EPISODE: "Requiem for Methuselah"
2850 BC
When propaganda about the Vulcan primal nature first originated, according to Tolaris.
EPISODE: "Fusion"
Information: 5,000 years before the episode.
2650 BC
Great Pyramid at Giza, The Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), is ordered built by the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu of the Fourth Dynasty to serve as a tomb when he dies.
EPISODE: "Cold Front"
Information: "Daniels" mentions this time period was visited by researchers from 2769.
850 BC
The monastery of P'Jem is constructed by Vulcans on a planet near Andorian space. At some point, it becomes a sanctuary for the practice of the Kolinahr discipline.
EPISODE: "The Andorian Incident"
Information: 3,000 years before the episode.
c. 375 AD
The Jem Hadar become the first line of defense for the Dominion.
EPISODE: "What You Leave Behind"
Information: 2,000 years before  the episode.
370 AD
On Vulcan, the time of the Great Awakening as the teachings of Surak, emphasizing logic and control of emotions, lead to a period of reformation. ("Gambit, Part II"). It was also a time of great violence. Surak himself was killed by radiation poisoning after coming into contact with nuclear fallout.
EPISODES: "Gambit, Part I", "Gambit, Part II", "Awakening"
370 AD
In was at this time that a group of Vulcans left the planet to strike out on their own and form a new society. These are the ancient founders of the Romulan society, who no doubt left Vulcan in rebellion to Surak's teachings of logic and pacificism.
EPISODE: "Balance of Terror"
500s AD
The Mayan culture arises on Earth. Kukulkan, a benevolent alien being, assists the Mayans in their development. The Mayans will survive as a culture into the 10th century.
EPISODE: "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth."
c. 650 AD
The Vulcans begin interstellar travel.
EPISODE: "The Forge"
Information: 1500 years before the episode.
Kahless defeats the tyrant Molor and unifies the Klingon nation on Qu'oNos.
EPISODE: "Rightful Heir"
Information: Fifteen centuries before the episode.
c. 1150
Tarquin is born. Also, the spheres are first constructed in what would come to be known as the Expanse.
EPISODE: "Exile", "Chosen Realm"
Information: 1,000 years before the episode.
The Aztec culture begins on Earth. The Aztecs are nurtured by the long-lived alien being known as Kukulkan, and will fluorish into the 16th century.
EPISODE: "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth"
Within the Delta Triangle region of space, in a different space-time continuum, the Elysian council is formed.
EPISODE: "Time Trap"
Information: 1,000 years before the episode.
1372 The Hur'q invade Qu'onos, the Klingon Homeworld, and pillage the planet.
EPISODE: "The Sword of Kahless"
Information: 1,000 years before the episode.
The Rumarie celebration, an anachronism from Vulcan's emotional past, is held for the last time.
Information: 1,000 years before the episode
When Leonardo da Vinci was thought by historians to have been born. He is later revealed to be the man known as Flint.
EPISODE: "Requiem for Methuselah"
England defeats the Spanish Armada, an historic event that is a favorite of Malcolm Reed.
EPISODE: "Future Tense"
The last time the dark book known as the Kosst Amojan was removed from the Bajoran archives prior to 2375.
EPISODE: "The Changing Face of Evil"
Information: 700 years before the episode.
The people of Megas-Tu are forced to leave Earth in Salem, Massachusetts, New England.
EPISODE: "The Magicks of Megas-tu"
Approximate time that Tarquin's last companion passed away.
EPISODE: "Exile"
Information: Over 400 years before the episode.
The Suliban homeworld, in sector 3641, becomes uninhabitable. The Suliban become a nomadic people, existing in pockets throughout the Alpha Quadrant. ()
EPISODE: "Broken Bow"
Information: Less than 300 years before the episode.
The war between the Denoblians and the Antarans ends. During the conflict, the Denoblians had inflicted 20,000,000 casualties on the Antarans. Dr. Phlox's grandmother lived through the final battles of this conflict.
EPISODE: "The Breach"
Information: 300 years before the episode
The Scagarans abduct a group of humans from the American west and enslave them.
EPISODE: "North Star"
Information: 40 years prior to the Wright Brothers Flight.
The Scagarans take their human slaves to a colony planet located in what will come to be known as the Delphic Expanse. Within six months, the humans have rebelled, overthrown the Scagarans, and have destroyed the Scaragan space ship. Their leader, Cooper Smith, becomes a folk hero to the humans and a villainous figure to the surviving Scaragans.
EPISODE: "North Star"
Reconstructing their society based on what they remember from having lived in the Western United States, the now freed humans build buildings, create a civic society and create a set of laws to govern themselves. Key among these laws are specific prohibitions to prevent the surviving Scagarans from ever re-creating their technology or gaining any power whatsoever in society. For example, a law is passed banning the Scagarans from receiving any sort of education.
EPISODE: "North Star"
Lt. Commander Data arrives from the future to investigate the invasion of 19th century San Francisco by life-forms from Devidia II in the 24th Century. (
EPISODE: "Time's Arrow, Part I", "Times Arrow, Part II"