Timeline - 2100 to Early 2151

TREKCORETIMELINE > The First Half of the 22nd Century (2100 to Early 2151)

2100 Admiral Forrest is born. (Speculation. Assumes Admiral Forrest was 51 in "Broken Bow.")

The future Mrs. Rianna Mayweather, Travis' mother, is born in America on Earth. (Speculation. Assumes Rianna is 53 in "Horizon")
c. 2100 This is also the era of the European Hegemony: a loose political alliance on Earth and the beginnings of a world government.
2102 The last time Ambassador Suval fired a weapon prior to 2152. ("Cease Fire" - ENT)
2103 Colonization of Mars. Humanity establishes a foothold on Mars and the colonization process begins. (year given in "The 37's", also Enterprise exploration timeline) One of Jean-Luc Picard's ancestors is involved in this process. (Star Trek: Generations) The very first interplanetary colonization missions had been conducted with ships using nuclear reactors ("Borderland"), possibly beginning in the 2060's, but this would appear to be a later, more permanent and independent form of settlement at Mars.

The United Martian Colonies is founded at this time. It is apparently a jurisdiction independent of any Earth government. (Star Trek Star Charts). 

At some point in the process of colonization, the Fundamental Declaration of the Martian Colonies is made, which comes to be known as an historic legal document which set a precedent in interstellar law. ("Court-Martial") 

The building of the E.C.S. Horizon is completed and the ship is put into service. Travis Mayweather's grandfather is the original captain, and the job eventually passes to his son, and then to Travis' brother. During his time as Captain, Travis' grandfather performed five different jobs on the Horizon at the same time, two of which were on the bridge. (50 years before "Horizon") 

The engine for the Horizon, a J Class freighter, was designed by Zephrem Cochrane, and the rumor was that Cochrane signed the casing of each warp reactor himself. ("Horizon") 

Kolos begins serving as an advocate in Klingon court. (fifty years before "Judgment") In his early years as an advocate, Kolos won some 200 cases, before the warrior class began to take over the justice system.

Also during 2103, a Vulcan science vessel surveys the 7th planet of the Berengeria system and reports encountering winged lizards that could breathe fire. The accuracy of the report is considered questionable. (more than 50 years before "Bound")
2105 The Taurean star system is briefly explored and a spaceship is lost near there. Over the next 164 years, a ship will disappear in this region exactly every 27.346 years. ("The Lorelei Signal" - TAS)

Eight women are brutally knifed to death by an unknown assailant in the Martian Colonies. ("Wolf in the Fold" - date given.)
2108 A possible date for the death of Mestral, one of the Vulcans who was involved in first contact with the people of Earth in March 1958. (150 years after first contact, "Carbon Creek") 
2109 A.G. Robinson, future test pilot, is born. (speculation based on "First Flight")
2110 By this point, some 60 years after World War Three, war has been almost completely ended on the Earth and disease and crime are much diminished. The Enterprise crew is born into this almost ideal Earth and are raised to believe all things are possible. 

At twenty five years of age, the precocious Emory Erickson begins work on what will become the transporter. (speculation, based on "Daedalus") He is a colleague of both Henry Archer and of Zephrem Cochrane. ("Daedalus")
October 9, 2110 Jonathan Archer is born in San Francisco on Earth. He is born and raised as an explorer. His father is Henry Archer, the famous warp engineer.

Speculation. Assumes Archer was 41 in "Broken Bow" and 11 in the flashback sequences. Birthday is from the birthdate of the actor: Scott Bakula was born on October 9, 1954. Note: Scott Bakula was 46 at the time of the filming of "Broken Bow". Again, making some assumptions about age, Jonathan's father Henry would have been 24 at this time.

And, like all his Mirror counterparts, Jonathan Archer of the Mirror Universe is born at the same time as his normal universe twin. ("In a Mirror Darkly, parts one and two")
2111 The process of stamping out the last remnants of war, crime, poverty and hunger on Earth begins. (40 years before "Broken Bow") By 2150 the task has been largely achieved.
2112 The Andorians make an incursion into Vulcan space, an event which is somehow connected to the status of Raytan. ("Cease Fire") 

At the age of twenty, Dr. Phlox serves as a medic with the Denoblian infantry. (Speculation - Phlox's service with the infantry is not given a specific date - "Cease Fire")
2113 Having learned the lessons of the last World War, the first united Earth government is established. Australia is the only nation that declines membership. (sources: Star Trek Chronology, Star Trek: First Contact, Enterprise exploration timeline, Star Trek Star Charts. 50 years after Cochrane's first flight.)

In the Mirror Universe, it would seem clear that having learned the lessons of the last war, a ruthless global government has now been firmly established on Earth, with the Emperor as its head. (speculation from "In a Mirror Darkly, parts one and two")

Also around this time, the Klingon justice system begins to change as the warrior class comes to have greater influence over all aspects of Klingon life. Soon, the Klingon Empire begins to develop a much more aggressive stance and works to expand its boundaries. (speculation based on "Judgment")
2114 Dr. Phlox begins working as a medical physician. (40 years prior to "Damage")
October 9, 2118 Jonathan Archer's eighth birthday. He receives as a gift his first astronomy book, which has a picture of the Arachnid Nebula on its cover. He would get to explore this nebula in November 2151. ("Fusion", birthday taken from birthdate of Scott Bakula)
2119 The Warp 5 Complex is established to create technology that will allow humans to safely explore deep space. Zefram Cochrane is present during the groundbreaking ceremony. ("Broken Bow") Henry Archer, Jonathan Archer's father, is second only to Cochrane in his importance to this program. ("Singularity") The Warp Five program would eventually come under the jurisdiction of the new entity, Starfleet, working in conjunction with the Vulcan Advisory Council. ("First Flight")

Zephrem Cochrane, now 87 years of age and a resident of the Alpha Centauri system, soon takes off for "parts unknown." He takes a one man vessel on a trip, and is never seen from again. Rumors surround his departure, and some believe he was setting out to test a new warp capable vehicle. ("Future Tense") Cochrane's disappearance became the most famous missing persons case in history. ("Future Tense", Cochrane disappeared approximately 150 years prior to "Metamorphosis" (2267), specific date from Enterprise exploration timeline. )

After an exhaustive search, it is believed that Zephrem Cochrane must have died. But instead, he was found adrift in space by "The Companion," a noncorporeal, cloudlike entity of a feminine nature. She brought Cochrane to a planet in Gamma Canaris system, where she used her abilities to restore Cochrane's youth and keep him from aging. 

Cochrane lived another 150 years on Gamma Canaris before encountering the crew of the Enterprise shuttlecraft Galileo in 2267. ("Metamorphosis") 

Also in 2119 Charlie 'Trip' Tucker III is born in Florida in the United States on Earth.  Date is speculation. Assumes Tucker is 32 in "Broken Bow." Trip says he grew up in a "place like this" in "Precious Cargo" - meaning Florida everglades.

The future Major Hayes is born in the United States on Earth. (speculation - Hayes indicated he attended Westpoint in "Hatchery" which may suggests he is an American. The actor who plays Hayes is actually older than Scott Bakula, but the character of Hayes seems much younger.)
2120 Vulcan Ambassador Sorval is first stationed on Earth. (speculation from "Broken Bow")
c. 2120 The S.S. Enterprise, a warp 3.2 capable passenger liner of the Declaration Class sets out on its maiden voyage. (date speculation. A picture of the S.S. Enterprise appears in the Rec Deck of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek - The Motion Picture. Other references: Star Trek Maps, Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology, Star Trek Communicator magazine.)
2121 As a boy, Jonathan Archer takes a deep interest in space travel. He makes a working model of a Starfleet ship with his father during this year, and successfully learns to fly it.  30 years prior to "Broken Bow" (ENT).

Travis Mayweather's father takes command of the E.C.S. Horizon at the age of 23. His wife Rianna, who comes to be both the ship's medic and Chief Engineer, supports him through this difficult time. It is unclear why he was thrust into command at such a young age - but it may have been because Travis' grandfather had passed away after captaining the ship for some 18 years. (speculation based on "Horizon" - Travis' father was one year younger than Paul Mayweather was when he took command in 2152)

2122 Malcolm Reed is born in the United Kingdom on Earth. (Speculation. Assumes Reed is 29 in "Broken Bow.")

And, also in 2122, T'Pau is born. (32 years prior to "The Forge.")

Also in 2122, as part of the process of working together with the planet Agoran, the Ministry of Security on Vulcan begins dispatching agents to infiltrate the criminal elements of Agoran, and in so doing put an end to corruption. In all, 109 agents would be dispatched. Ultimately, seven of these agents would become beguiled by the corruption on Agoran and refuse to return to Vulcan when the mission was over, instead opting for a life of crime as smugglers. (30 years before "The Seventh" - Note: T'Pol indicates she was too young to be given this assignment at the time ("I'm not that old Captain"), which would tend to mitigate against the earlier assumption of this timeline that she was born in 2086, which would make her 36 at this time.) 
2123 Hoshi Sato is born in Japan on Earth.  Speculation. Assumes Sato is 28 in "Broken Bow."

In the Mirror Universe, the Mirror Hoshi Sato is born. From what we know, it appears Mirror Hoshi will become the Empress of the Earth Empire in January 2155. ("In a Mirror Darkly, parts one and two")

Trip Tucker's baby sister Elizabeth is born in Florida. She is Trip's only sibling. She would be killed in the Xindi attack of April 2153. (speculation from "The Expanse", we know she is Trip's only sibling from "The Xindi")

Trip is four years of age, which is the age that Sim, the clone of Tucker, was when he was being read to. ("Similitude")

Amanda Cole is born in Florida on Earth. (speculation - Amanda is roughly the same age as Trip, but it is suggested she is slightly younger than him)
Nov. 27, 2123 A privately-funded ship, the Mariposa, departs Earth carrying two groups of colonists bound for the Ficus sector and the two planets selected as their new homelands. (sources: "Up the Long Ladder." (TNG), Enterprise exploration timeline ) From the information on the view screen in "Up the Long Ladder", it is clear that the vessel is a DY-500 class vessel, similar in appearance to the DY-100 class ("Space Seed"). From the listing that Data peruses of ships that left Earth around this time, it is clear that space travel has become a regular occurrence. ("Up the Long Ladder".)
2125 Y-500 Class vessels (presumably inclusive of the DY-500) are decommissioned and are no longer in service. (Date is speculation. Y-500 vessels are revealed to have been out of service "for decades" in "Strange New World")
2126 Travis Mayweather is born halfway between Dralax and Vega Colony. His childhood is spent in space, and he is raised on a series of cargo ships. 

Travis grew up on the J-Class Freighter E.C.S. Horizon, which he described in "Fortunate Son" as a little smaller than a Y-Class, but with the same basic design. He commented that at Warp 1.8 there's "a lot of time between ports" and it was during such a time that he was conceived.

Even as a child, Travis is groomed by his father to one day Captain the Horizon.

(Travis is noted as being 26 in "Dead Stop." Events taken from character back story, "Fortunate Son," and "Horizon." In the original backstory, it indicated Travis was born "during a two year run somewhere between Alpha Centauri and Arcturis Prime.")

Also in 2126, Liana is born on the Katare home world. (Trip speculates Liana may have been 4 years old when her ship crashed. "Oasis")
2127 At age eight or nine, Trip spends some time picking up leaves with his Dad. ("The Crossing") Age eight was also the age that Sim, the clone of Tucker, was when he was playing with the remote control shuttle. ("Similitude")
2128 At age 42, T'Pol undergoes a dental procedure. (23 years before "Dear Doctor")

Travis' younger brother Paul Mayweather is born aboard the J Class freigher Horizon. (speculation based on "Horizon")
c. 2129 Invention of the Transporter. At around age 10, Trip Tucker is enamored by tales of the invention of the transporter. His admiration of Emory Erickson and his work is one of the key reasons that Trip ends up becoming an engineer. (dates are speculation based on "Daedalus" - Emory Erickson would have been about 44 years old at this point)
2130 A Kantare ship, commanded by Captain Kulann, encounters a severe ion storm. Damage done during the storm results in a plasma leak, explosive decompression, and the ship ultimately crashes on a remote planet. Only the ship's Chief Engineer, Ezral, and his daughter, Liana survive the crash. (22 years before "Oasis")
2131 At age 12, Trip Tucker goes to his first dance at Bayshore Elementary in Panama City, Florida. Ever after, he regrets not asking a certain girl to dance. ("more than 20 years" before "Fusion")

T'Pol enters her training program with the Ministry of Security on Vulcan. (Speculation. Assumes a four year program, similar to a degree in Criminology.)
c. 2131 The tenth and last Space Ark, Terra 10, is launched complete with early transporter technology. Of all ten generation ships, only the passengers of this last ship will survive. Shortly after this, the Interstat code that they made use of becomes outdated. ( "The Terratin Incident." (TAS) establishes that this mission happened around 2069, approximately 200 years before the episode took place. I have moved this event to c. 2131 to be consistent with later information from "Daedalus," concerning the invention of the transporter, as well as to be consistent with the established date of the Conestoga's voyage as the first colony ship. The previous 9 Terra ships would perhaps have been launched within the previous decade or so.)
2132 Starfleet is formed. It's charter, to "boldly go where no man has gone before." (sources: conjecture, based on date that Jonathan Archer joined Starfleet Academy, noted below. Also, in some promotional material, it was noted that Starfleet is less than 20 years old at the start of Enterprise. Charter phrasing from Star Trek Encyclopedia p.690)

Part of Starfleet's original charter was the little known Section 31, which allowed for extraordinary measures in the event of a threat on Earth. ("Divergence"). The inclusion of this authority soon results in the creation of a secretive, black ops division of Starfleet that eventually comes to be known simply as "Section 31." Section 31 emerges as an autonomous group concerned with searching out, identifying, and quietly dealing with potential dangers to the Earth. Members of this organization defy the principles of the Earth (and later the Federation) in order to protect them, which is one of the reasons why Section 31 is not officially sanctioned by Starfleet and its very existence is not acknowledged openly. ("Inquisition," "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges")

The S.S. Bonaventure , galactic survey cruiser is launched. The Bonaventure will mysteriously disappear on her third voyage, and her hulk will be found in 2269 in the alternate universe of Elysia. ( "The Time Trap" (TAS), Date is conjecture. In the episode Scotty said "Captain, there's the old Bonaventure. She was the first ship to have warp drive installed." However, given the ship's markings, I prefer to think Scotty was referring to the first Starfleet ship to have warp drive installed.)

Jonathan Archer begins training in a four year program (is he in Starfleet, or perhaps the Air Force?) that will result in his graduating from flight school in 2134. (speculation from "Twilight" - tradition of four year program mentioned in other Star Trek)

As part of Starfleet's operations, orbital platforms such as Yosemite are built. ("Zero Hour")

Starfleet was likely formed years earlier in the Mirror Universe, possibly at the time the Empire was founded. (speculation from "In a Mirror Darkly, parts one and two")

Also in 2132 Baseball great Buck Bokai dies. ("If Wishes Were Horses" (DS9))

Archer takes a trip to East Africa, and at one point observes the birth of a baby gazelle. (Age 22 - Archer said he was in his early twenties - "Shockwave - Part II") 

Archer considers joining the merchant fleet and signing aboard a freighter, in a series of events that constitute what Archer calls a "long story." (Prior to Starfleet's formation - "Horizon")

Also in 2132, the Paraagan mining colony is established. (20 years prior to "Shockwave")

A second spaceship disappears in the Taurean region of space, never to be heard from again. ("The Lorelei Signal")

About this time, Trip Tucker begins attending High School in Florida. His high school is a rival with the high school that Amanda Cole is attending at about the same time, and the two visit the same movie theater during this time in their lives, unaware of the other. ("Harbinger")
2133  A Klingon ship emerges from the Delphic Expanse. The crew had been anatomically inverted and was still alive. Memory of this event prevents Klingons from daring to enter this region of space. (20 years before "The Expanse")

Bajoran religious leader Kai Taluno, while traveling in the Denorios Belt, experiences a serious malfunction of his spacecraft and is stranded for several days. Taluno reports having experienced a vision in which "the heavens opened up," nearly swallowing his ship. The Denorios Belt, located in the Bajor system, is the location where at least five of the Bajorans' Tears of the Prophets were found. "The Emissary" (DS9) Dax said Taluno's vision was sometime during the 22nd century, and this date is purely conjectural.
2134 Arik Soong takes a series of genetically engineered embryos from Cold Station 12. He takes the embryos to a planet into the Trialis system to raise them. This planet is located between the Orion Syndicate and the Klingon Empire. (20 years before "Borderland")

At age 24, Johnathan Archer graduates from Flight School. He proposes marriage to his classmate and girlfriend, Margaret Muller, but she turns him down saying she does not wish to become a "Starfleet widow." ("Twilight" - age given as 24)

Vulcan finally forms an alliance with the planet Agoran. The agents assigned to infiltrate the corrupt elements of Agoran society are recalled. All but seven return. (Speculation of date, based on "The Seventh")
2135 Potential setting for proposed Starfleet Academy movie, rumored to be in development as of July 2004. This movie was rumored to have ceased development discussion in January 2005.

At age 25, Jonathan Archer joins Starfleet. (From character back story. Archer has served with Starfleet "about 15 years" by the time of "Broken Bow.")

After graduating from her training with the Ministry of Security on Vulcan, T'Pol is given an assignment to track down and apprehend seven former Vulcan agents who have become corrupted during their assignment on Agoran. T'Pol is extremely successful, and apprehends five of the agents, returning them to Vulcan for rehabilitation. However, T'Pol suffers a severe setback while in the tropics of Risa pursuing the last two suspects, Josin and Menos, on foot. During the pursuit, Josin falls, and T'Pol sees Josin reach for what she believes is a weapon. She shoots and kills Josin with an energy weapon, and is immediately overcome by great anguish. Menos escapes. The guilt of killing Josin would force to T'Pol to leave the Ministry of Security and seek guidance at the monastery on P'Jem. (17 years prior to "The Seventh")

In grade 10, Charlie "Trip" Tucker encounters his first Vulcan - Mr. Velik. Velik was sent to Earth as part of a cultural exchange, and serves as a teacher in Trip's Florida high school. One notable quote that Trip remembers from Mr. Velik is "challenge your preconceptions, or they will challenge you." ("Strange New World" - date is speculation based on Trip's approximate age)

At the age of 16, Trip gets his driver's license, and not soon after gets his first car. One of his favorite pastimes is to take his car and drive to Chatkin Point at night with his girlfriend, where they would watch the moon. ("Precious Cargo") Note, Trip's car is probably a hover car, and not an automobile.
2136  T'Pol continues her work with a Vulcan elder on P'Jem, trying to work through the tremendous guilt she had after killing Josin. After three months of guidance, the elder decides the only way to resolve the problem is to use an ancient Vulcan technique, the valara, to strip T'Pol of not only her emotions concerning the event, but also her memories as well. The ritual complete, T'Pol leaves the monastery, with no memories of the seventh suspect she was pursuing. She would remain oblivious to this chapter in her personal history until an assignment was given her to capture Menos, Josin's partner, while she was serving on the Enterprise in June 2152. (a few months after the conclusion of her mission in 2135, "The Seventh")

Captain Vannick begins serving in the Vulcan Space Fleet aboard the T'Mur. (15 years before "Breaking the Ice")

Trip is seventeen years of age, which is the age that Sim, the clone of Tucker, was when he first asked T'Pol to dinner. ("Similitude")
2137 T'Pol begins her work with the Vulcan Science Directorate. (Speculation based upon "The Seventh")
2138 Charlie Tucker spends his youth working on an ocean reclamation project in the Florida Keys. At one point, he would encounter a hurricane. (Speculation of date - event taken from character back story. Hurricane mentioned in "Strange New World.")
2139 During a experiment involving a new technology, the quantum transporter, Emory Erickson's son Quinn volunteers to test the device. Emory had invented the transporter some years earlier, and while still at a relatively young age (possibly 54) wanted to top his earlier achievement. This zeal prevented him from considering the risks properly, and Quinn's signal was lost. Quinn would continue in this non-existence, and Emory would work to try and save Quinn until the events of "Daedalus" fifteen years later. (15 years prior to "Daedalus")

At around the age of 20, Charlie "Trip" Tucker joins Starfleet and moves to San Francisco. He lives in Sausalito, a suburb of San Francisco, a few blocks away from the Vulcan Compound. (12 years before "Unexpected" ENT))

The last time the leader of the Denoblian geological survey had seen samples as good as the ones he found on Zantous in 2153. (14 years prior to "The Breach")
2140  Jonathan Archer completes his initial four years of Starfleet training (speculation, assumes four year program - Archer may have completed this earlier). He had been planning to get married to his girlfriend at the time, but she did not wish to become a "Starfleet widow" and broke off their relationship. (T'Pol relates this story in "Twilight")

Somewhere in here it is likely that Henry Archer, Jonathan Archer's father passed away. Archer comments in "Broken Bow" that he wished his Dad had lived to see the advent of the Enterprise embarking on its mission. Prior to his death, Henry Archer had designed the engine for the NX program - which was put together by Starfleet to try and break the Warp 2 barrier. (date is speculation based on "Broken Bow" and "First Flight") We also know that Henry Archer was around to allay Johnathan Archer's fears when undergoing a flight test, which would seem to be part of the younger Archer's Starfleet training. ("Daedalus")

Malcolm Reed joins Starfleet (speculation. assumes Malcolm joined at age 18)

The Great Plume of Agosoria erupts. The Plume is a protostar which gives out a neutron blast every 11 years. ("Cold Front")

Rough time period of Travis Mayweather's Boomer ghost story in "Strange New World." (speculation - ten years prior to episode.)
2141 At age 18, Hoshi Sato joins Starfleet and begins training - which involves extensive linguistic studies. She does not get along with her commanding officer, and is kicked out after a poker game she was running was discovered and in the process she struck her c.o. (Date is speculation based on her age, Hoshi related being kicked out of training in "Observer Effect".)

While in Starfleet Academy, Malcolm Reed has an unfortunate gastro-intenstinal episode during extra-vehicular (EV) training. The episode is noted in his medical records. (Speculation of date - from "The Catwalk")

According to his sister, Malcolm Reed spends one week living without food around this time. ("Silent Enemy" - "at least" ten years prior to episode).

Around this time was when the Vulcan Kov, who had determined to explore his emotions, had a falling out with his father. (Ten years before "Fusion")
2142  Archer's girlfriend Caroline moves to New Berlin on the Moon. (speculation from "First Flight")

Starfleet conducts a series of tests on the new transporter technology. (A date of May 2142 was given in "Vanishing Point" for a failed test involving the ill fated Cyrus Ramsay.. but this was for an event which was part of Hoshi's transporter delusion, and that never really happened. Nevertheless, I put the date in here, and later information in "Daedalus demonstrated that this was the period where the transporter was being tested.) 
2143 Airk Soong continues to teach the Augments he is raising in the Trialis System. A scene of this is shown at the opening of "Cold Station 12."

The year of Malcolm Reed's most recent family reunion as of January 2153. (almost ten years before "Horizon") 

The last time that Dr. Phlox spoke with his son, who had differed with his father on many things, including the relationship Denoblians should have with Antarans. (10 years prior to "The Breach")

Charlie Tucker graduates from Starfleet this year. (assumes four year program) He is assigned to the NX program as an engineer.
August 2143  Events depicted in the flashback sequences of "First Flight"

The NX program, which has worked to design and test a vessel capable of breaking the Warp 2 barrier, is reaching its climax as the test pilot for the first flight is chosen.

Jonathan Archer, one of four commanders in the program who hopes to pilot the craft is disappointed when he is passed over for the job which instead goes to A.G. Robinson.

In the test, Robinson successfully breaks the Warp 2 barrier, but the craft is lost, and Robinson barely manages to eject in time to save his life.

The Vulcan Advisory Council is not impressed, and they demand that the program be stopped for the time being. They also call into question the engine design, an engine design dear to Commander Archer, as it is the one that his father had engineered prior to his death.

Determined to prove the Vulcans and Starfleet wrong, Archer and Robinson team up and steal the NX-Beta test ship to try and again break the Warp 2 barrier. They succeed in their attempt, and manage to maintain a steady velocity of Warp 2.5

Returning to San Francisco to face punishment for stealing the second ship, Archer and Robinson manage to convince Commodore Forrest of the merits of their test, and the two are able to escape court martial and are instead grounded for three months.

The Vulcan Advisory Council has the NX program begin a series of simulations and tests.

It was during this time that Charlie Tucker and Jonathan Archer first met.

(Events taken from "First Flight - month is speculation, but we know the year from "Unexpected", which stated that Archer and Trip met for the first time eight years prior to that episode - the Enterprise exploration timeline would later put this episode at "c. 2143, which for once agreed with my estimate)
Sept. 2143 About now in his time at Starfleet, "Trip" Tucker travels to Alice Springs in Australia to do survival training. Jonathan Archer also participates. (Date is speculation, based to a certain extent on "First Flight". Trip talks about this event in "Vanishing Point," in a sequence that is part of Hoshi's transporter delusion - I am assuming that she imagined Trip repeating a story he had earlier related)
October 2143 While on Titan as part of the Omega Training Mission with Captain Archer, Charlie "Trip" Tucker encounters problems while on an extra vehicular (EV) exercise. His EV pack freezes up and he experiences nitrogen narcosis. Archer convinces Trip not to remove his helmet while in the vacuum. (Speculation of date - assumption made that this happened before Trip was assigned to Utopia Planetia, and after he met Archer.)
Nov. 2143 Robinson and Archer are permitted to fly again, after three months of being grounded. (speculation from "First Flight")
2144  Arik Soong is captured, but the fate of the embryos he stole from Cold Station 12 is unknown. In fact, the embryos have developoed into children, who are now 10 years of age, and living on a planet in the Trialis system. ("Borderland")

The ship Vortlis, under the command of Captain Tavin, leaves Vulcan to begin a voyage of self discovery. (Eight years before "Fusion.")

Malcolm Reed graduates from Starfleet. (speculation, assumes he entered Starfleet at age 18 and did a four year program.) As a young Ensign, he is recruited by Section 31, and works on a series of covert ops for his contact, Harris, over the next six years or so. ("Divergence")

The Cabal, an organized group of militant Suliban emerges, and begins its series of attacks on Tandara and other planets near to concentrations of Suliban refugees. (8 years prior to "Detained")

Shortly after this point, the Cabal become involved in the Temporal Cold War, receiving orders from a strange figure from the future.

One of the two elder insectoid Xindi that the crew of the Enterprise discovers dead, is born during this year. (10 years before "Hatchery")
August 2144 After a year of testing, the Vulcans are finally convinced of the viability of the NX design, and the NX program resumes preparations for test flights. (speculation, one year after tests began, "First Flight")
March 2145 Commander Duvall is selected to fly the NX-Delta in the next test flight.
April 2145 Duvall, a close friend of Archer's, breaks the Warp 2 barrier in the test ship NX-Delta. He reaches a speed of Warp 3, and goes down in history, setting the groundwork for Starfleet's next big project: the Warp 5 starship.

(date is speculation from "First Flight" - 8 months after the testing regime completed, and 5 years before the keel was laid for the Enterprise)

Where it took the Vulcans 100 years to break the Warp 2 barrier, the people of Earth completed the task in 82 years. ("First Flight", Star Trek - First Contact)
2145 Likely date of the trial of Arik Soong, which Trip remembers.
2146 Hoshi Sato graduates from Starfleet. (speculation, based to some extent on "Observer Effect". Assumes she entered Starfleet at age 18, was kicked out for a year, and then was able to complete a four year program.)

Now that the Suliban Cabal is secretly involved in the Temporal Cold War, other factions begin to develop within the 22nd century Alpha Quadrant. Sometime in this period, the Tholians become aligned with a faction. ("Future Tense" - date is speculative)

2147 Event occurs where Jonathan Archer saves Charlie Tucker's life. (4 years before "Unexpected" (ENT))

Klingon marauders begin bullying the inhabitants of a desolate deuterium mining colony. (5 "seasons" before "Marauders")
2148 Charlie Tucker eventually ends up in Orbital Engineering, building starships at Utopia Planetia and earning a reputation as a miracle-worker of sorts. (Speculation of date - event taken from character back story.)

Dr. Phlox last sees his second wife, Feezal. (4 years prior to Stigma)

On Krios Prime, Kaitaama is courted by a number of men from the various ruling families. Soon after, she ceases to have contact with members of the opposite sex as she is selected to become the Sovereign. (Four years prior to "Precious Cargo")

Shran first assumes command of the Kumari, an Andorian battle cruiser. (12 years before "Babel One")
April 2148 Having now served with the Science Directorate for some 11 years, Sub-Commander T'Pol begins her one year of service aboard the Vulcan ship Seleya under Captain Voris. She serves as Science Officer. (Extrapolation based on "Impulse")
c. 2149 Sometime during this century, Rasmussen, of New Jersey, will steal a time travel capsule from a 26th Century researcher. He will use it to travel to the "Enterprise" in 2368 and attempt to steal items to profit from during his return to this century, but will be apprehended. The capsule will return to this era unmanned as programmed. ("A Matter of Time" - year is conjecture)
2149 Garos, an explorer from the Mallurian system, leads a survey mission to study the A'kali. His team had no plans to remain on the planet, but after a few months he claims he found himself quite taken with the A'kali and decided to stay. His mining project begins soon after. (2 years prior to "Civilization" (ENT)

Miners on a desolate colony that is being controlled by Klingon marauders stand up and fight back only to lose three colonists in battle and two more to subsequent execution. (Three "seasons" before "Marauders")
January 2149 Travis has a conversation with his mother about how he is considering joining Starfleet. Not long after, Travis Mayweather leaves the J-Class freighter "Horizon," his home since birth, to go to Earth and join Starfleet. His parents, particularly his father, are opposed to his decision. He would travel to San Francisco to start his training. While there, he would have his first taste of real strawberry shortcake and would discover it didn't taste quite right to him, after years of eating freeze dried food.  (Four years prior to "Horizon", other details in "Fortunate Son")
April 2149 Having wound up her year of service aboard the Seleya, Sub Commander T'Pol comes to Earth to work at the Vulcan compound in Sausalito. (2 years, 7 months prior to "Fusion", we know the Seleya was her previous assignment from "Impulse")
Later in 2149 One night, after everyone else is asleep, T'Pol sneaks out of the Vulcan compound and explores San Francisco by foot. She ends up at a restarant where jazz music is being played, and experiences emotions including "exhilaration". (date conjecture, event depicted in dream sequence and mild meld in "Fusion")

Also later in 2149, Travis bids an emotional farewell to his family. He will not see them again for four years, and his father would die before he had a chance to return. Travis' father is outwardly disapproving, having groomed Travis to become Captain of the Horizon, but inwardly he is very proud. Travis and his father communicate very little over the course of the next four years. Paul, Travis' younger brother feels somewhat abandoned, while Rianna, Travis' mother is very supportive. ("Horizon")
c. Nov. 2149

The Starfleet Security record for Harris, Malcolm Reed's contact at Section 31, abruptly ends. (five years before "Divergence")
January 2150 Riann, an apothecary, first becomes aware of an epidemic afflicting the A'kali after her brother dies from it. (18 months before "Civilization" (ENT)
April 2150  The keel is laid for the first warp 5 starship, the Enterprise, designated NX-01. (speculation from "First Flight" - 5 years after Warp 2 barrier was broken by Commander Duvall.)
Spring 2150 Captain Archer begins the crew selection for the Enterprise, the first warp 5 starship which is to be launched in about a year. (speculation based on "Horizon")
July 2150 About now in his time at Starfleet, Travis Mayweather travels to Death Valley, California to do survival training. (Date is speculation, but it was mentioned that it was in July. Travis talks about this in "Vanishing Point," in a sequence that is part of Hoshi's transporter delusion - I am assuming that she imagined Travis repeating a story he had earlier related) 

At around this time, Captain Archer is having difficulty selecting a helmsmen for the Enterprise. To help him decide, he contacts each of the previous commanding officers of each of the candidates he is considering. One candidate is Travis Mayweather, so he contacts Travis' father aboard the E.C.S. Horizon. The response is a one sentence evaluation "I've never met a more natural stick and rudder man and you'd be a fool if you don't choose him." (2 and a half years before "Horizon")
August 2150 Dr. Phlox, a Denoblian, comes to Earth as part of a the Interplanetary Medical Exchange program, sponsored by the Vulcans. While on Earth for the next nine months, he makes it a point to study a number of Earth religions. He studies Hinduism, spends two weeks at a Tibetan monastery, attends Mass at Saint Peter's Square and is allowed to attend the Tal-Shanar at the Vulcan consulate. ("Cold Front," "A Night in Sickbay." 9 months on Earth is mentioned in "Vanishing Point" in Hoshi's transporter delusion).
Jonathan Archer is informed him that the dog belonging to his ex-girlfriend's mom, which is a female beagle, is pregnant. Upon the birth of the litter, Archer selects a puppy for adoption. Six weeks later, the young beagle, who has been named Porthos, goes to live with Archer. (date is speculation, events from "A Night in Sickbay")

Australia, the last holdout, joins the United Earth government. (sources: Enterprise exploration timeline on Official Web Site, Star Trek Chronology, "Attached." (TNG).)

Also in 2150, T'Pol goes on a 5 day vacation and visits Yellowstone, the Carlsbad Canyon, and Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. (Carbon Creek, date is speculative)

Around this time, the Founders begin seeding the galaxy with 100 infant changelings who are mandated to explore and then later come back to the Link to report on their findings. Laas and Odo are both part of these one hundred. (speculation based on "Chimera" - Laas first assumed human form around 2175)
Early 2151 Travis Mayweather graduates from Starfleet, his space experience allowing him to complete the training in record time, having been in the Academy for only about two years. (speculation, based on the program usually taking 4 years.)

A transporter device is installed aboard the Enterprise. Starfleet technicians assure Captain Archer that it is safe for the transportation of bio-matter. ("Broken Bow," "Vanishing Point")